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Public charging station highway and street signage

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Isn't it about time we adopted universal highway and street signage for public charging stations? They could be qualified by letters like T for Tesla, H for high speed, and $ for fee based. The important things are to make it clear to ICE motorists that public charging is available and to guide depleted EV vehicles in a pinch to the nearest EVSE. The symbols for gas stations, restaurants, parking, and restrooms are well-established.

Here in San Antonio, I got determined push-back from the very people that rolled the EVSEs out. Perhaps they're afraid of stirring up the sort of locals who reject Obamacare mainly because of the first three syllables. I know that President Obama did not create the Volt, but many people live on ALT-facts.

With Volvo going all electric and Tesla there now, I think we are at a cusp. I would hate to see a profusion of different signs. This doesn't necessarily require federal government regulation. The standards governing the public Internet are embodied in RFCs, Requests for Comments. The standards were designed by people lending their time to the effort. Manufacturers follow the RFCs because it is in their interest.

Standardizing street and highway EVSE signage is far less intellectually demanding than Internet design and is equally win-win.

What would be the proper structure and how to we get this thing off the ground?
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I'm guessing the Tesla already can tell the owner where the Tesla chargers are. I don't know why the rest of us would care. I know I don't.
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