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Propulsion Power Reduced / Engine Not Available

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Yesterday with approximately 80 total miles driven for the day (43 EV / 37 ICE) and 170 miles ICE range remaining, as I approached a red light at about 35 mph it changed abruptly. There was an oncoming car turning left, so instead of accelerating to beat the yellow light, I braked pretty hard to stop before the intersection. It wasn’t such a hard brake as to skid or anything, just harder than I normally brake. The yellow “Propulsion Power Reduced / Engine Not Available” alert came up immediately.

While waiting for the light to change, I put the car in park and turned power off then back on. No change, alert returned.

I had about 3 miles left to my destination, so I continued on after the light changed with noticeably reduced power. After 2 miles or so while ascending a very mild grade the car died completely. I put the flashers on and was able to coast backward off the road with no power steering to assist.

Several attempts of power off/on did not help. Finally called my son-in-law to come pick me up.

After the power had been off for 5 minutes or so, I tried power on again. The engine started, but still had the yellow “Propulsion Power Reduced / Engine Not Available” alert.

I called my son-in-law back to stop him from coming and was able to continue the last mile to my destination.

After being parked for half an hour or more I tried powering up again and everything seemed normal, nor more alerts of any kind. I switched to Mountain Mode while parked and charged the battery for about 5 minutes then powered off.

After 2 hours I tried another start. Everything seemed normal and I powered off.

After another 2 hours with everything looking normal, I started the 75 mile trip home and made it with no indication of any problem.

My only guess would be that the hard braking affected some liquid level sensor (fuel tank?) to make the computer think there was some reason to kill the engine.

I haven’t yet but will be calling my service department to schedule a checkup.
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The hard braking and instant error message seems like more than a coincidence to me.

After charging overnight I did drive 7 miles EV to store/bank and home today with no problems.

Will try to schedule checkup at dealer tomorrow and report back on any codes or fixes they come up with.

My Volt has been so reliable for six and a half years that I didn't worry too much about driving 75 miles home after the error messages cleared, but after reading the other threads below I'll be a little more wary.
I couldn't get a service appointment 'till Friday.

Did drive 13 EV miles today with no problems.
Took my Volt in for checkup Friday. A part had to be ordered, so I brought the Volt home.

Back in Monday morning. They said part replacement would take 7 hours, so I was given a loaner.

I was not available to pick up my Volt Tuesday, so finally got it back this morning.

Here’s what was reported:

“Checked for codes. Found P0757-00 stored in the TCM. Checked and found the solenoid to be faulty and electrically shorted. Requires TCM replacement.”

“Corrected by control solenoid valve and transmission control module assembly replacement.”

“Installed 24268161 : SL-N-VALVE (04265-ck) 24268”

“Replaced the TCM with solenoids.”

“Filled and adjusted transmission fluid level.”

“Programmed warranty code 181D1.”

Great news is that everything was done free of charge under my extended warranty.
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