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Did you read the post above that says it's from DonC??? Nothing other than the big 3 spending items MATTERS? (LOL). And did I see the word "moronic" in your post?
I know that my view is unpopular here - that the Volt is great enough to be wildly successful without taxpayer support, but to say that the only spending cuts that make sense are the Big 3, is, well, it's not very smart. If politicians won't cut the small stuff, you think that they will address the big stuff?
The solution to the perceived gouging is for GM to simply crank up production, HIRE PEOPLE, and sell Volts. With enough supply, there will be no ABILITY to gouge. Regarding the rest of your point of view, we might as well agree to disagree. *Obviously* spending a trillion dollars of taxpayer money creating jobs was exactly what would create jobs and solve the recession and, no, wait, it didn't work. Never mind. (g).
Be well,
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