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Warning: Rant following.

I keep hearing this myth repeated over and over and over. The truth is, even if ALL vehicles become ALL electric over the next 10 years, exactly ZERO auto shops or mechanics will be out of business. 24 moving parts? Really? There are more than 24 moving parts just in the Bolt's cabin heating system. Pumps, relays, fans, dampers, control valves. Hoses that deteriorate and eventually leak. Glycol that eventually has to be replaced. Not to mention shocks, springs, control arms, AC system, battery thermal management, windows, doors, wipers, power electronics cooling, seats, tires, wheels, wheel bearings, etc. What was the most common drive train warranty issue on the early Volts - that required extensive service-shop time? ELECTRIC motor bearings!

What missing feature does everybody beef about for their Bolts and Volts? No all-way electric seats! And I'm sure they will come soon - possibly in the new Buick BEV. You think all of these moving seat parts and controls will just keep working forever? So what if the oil changes, spark plugs, and transmission services go away! Those are trivial services compared to all the other parts that can and do break or get tweaked in a vehicle of any kind that does 100,000 miles of outdoor driving through bumps and rain and heat and wind and snow and blazing sun.

Electric vehicles will change a lot of things, but the end of service shops? Not likely...

End of rant. Thank you for your patience.
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