Shai Agassi is the CEO of Project Better Place (PBP) . That is a well-financed endeavor to create an infrastructure of battery charging/swapping stations across, at present, Israel and Denmark. The concept is that electric cars would be cheap if they didn't have batteries in them. The batteries would be owned by PBP, and drivers, when their charge got low, could pull into a swap station and have a fresh fully-charged battery swapped in. The drivers would never own the batteries and simply subscribe to the service, possibly even getting the car for nearly free, analogous to some cell phone plans.

As nice an idea as it is, it is considered unlikely such an infrastructure could be created across the vastness of America and thus would be unlikely to be embraced here. In fact, as battery technology matures both in terms of range increases and cost reductions, the whole idea could become moot .

At the Paris Auto Show, to illustrate his belief that his approach is superior, Agassi took a shot at GM who contends the Volt will eventually become a global high-volume car. He indicated that the Volt would be priced too high to be mass market car, stating “the Volt is a $20,000 car that will cost $40,000. It will be a niche product."

He instead contended “we want to make electric cars a mass market thing, and the only way to do that is to make it cheaper than driving a regular car.”

Source ( Wall Street Journal )