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Programming Key Fob wierdness

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I had an opportunity to program a new key fob to work with my 2011 Volt today. I followed the instructions on page 2-4/5. I got the message "READY FOR REMOTE #3" (two previously programmed). With the new fob in the "magic slot", I pressed the POWER button for two seconds, expecting the message to change to "READY FOR REMOTE #4" after a bit.

What happened is that the display said nothing (so I thought it blanked until it was ready for that new message). So I waited and I waited and I waited... finally (after about 5 minutes) the screen backlight went off so I was pretty sure it was off. I touched the Power Button and got the "Depress Brake to Start" message, which told me that it wasn't in "programming mode" anymore.

I took the remote from the "magic slot" and pressed the Unlock button (Step 5). It worked fine; the remote was properly programmed, but the car definitely didn't behave as the manual said it would. Does anyone else have experience with this? Thanks.

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I have an early 2012 (United States version, not Canada), and did the programming of a new key fob on Monday 8/18/14 (got part #"22923862 not coded/not cut key blank" from for $41.77 including shipping to Oregon, local dealer wanted $65 + programming) and attempted to program it to the car as well, l and got a similar result as you. I eventually realized the car had accepted the programming of the key when I attempted to start the procedure for the third time, in the belief that the previous two times had failed (apparently the first attempt I did fail) and the DIC indicated it was ready for key #4.
The procedure was more frustrating than it should have been:mad:, took about 20 minutes when it should have taken me less than 5, still better than taking it to the dealer and paying them to perform the task when I can do it. The prompts in the DIC display, after the the initial start, did not happen in the manner described in the manual.
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