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The instructions for programming a garage door opener is different in Canada than what you find on YouTube or American User Manual. Canada has mandated a short code on garage door openers (two seconds). The Volt may not catch the code in one go. You can reset the codes by pressing the two outside garage door opener buttons like it says in the manual. If yours is an older garage door opener (like mine) it won't have a "learn' mode like it says in the manual (you match them up with dip switches in the remote and the opener) so you can ignore the part about pressing "learn" on the opener. Press the button on the overhead you wish to program and the remote opener button while it is close together (one or two inches) for three or four seconds, then release the remote's button and press it again for three to four seconds while continually holding the overhead button. You may have to repeat this three or four times until the flashing light starts rapidly flashing, indicating the code is captured.

For those of you in America, if you are having trouble programing an entrance gate or even a regular garage door opener, it may be that it has the short Canadian code and may need the Canadian technique. Full disclosure, this technique is covered in the Canadian Volt User Manual.
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