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Programming 2 Volts to work with 1 remote

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Has anyone successfully programmed 2 or even 3 Volts to work with one remote? My immediate family now owns 3 Volts (two 2013's , and a 2014), and I would like to carry one remote that works all 3 cars. I know the mechanical key won't work all 3, but just having one remote that will electrically work with all 3 cars would be a lot easier than carrying 3 remotes. I could swear that I read a post at one time that detailed how to do this, but after hours of searching tonight, I can't find any posts on this subject, other than some comments that it should be possible.
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I don't know that you can do what you are proposing, but what you can do is program additional fobs. The electronics within the fob are pretty small once you get rid of the physical key and all the plastic, so if you could get extra fobs cheap enough to make it worthwhile, you could program them, remove the circuit board electronics from the 3 fobs and put 3 electronic sets within a small box and use that as a "universal" fob. If you are handy with a soldering iron, you could probably connect them all to a single battery within the enclosure to keep the size small. It could probably fit in a box of similar size to a standard keyfob.
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