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Programming 2 Volts to work with 1 remote

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Has anyone successfully programmed 2 or even 3 Volts to work with one remote? My immediate family now owns 3 Volts (two 2013's , and a 2014), and I would like to carry one remote that works all 3 cars. I know the mechanical key won't work all 3, but just having one remote that will electrically work with all 3 cars would be a lot easier than carrying 3 remotes. I could swear that I read a post at one time that detailed how to do this, but after hours of searching tonight, I can't find any posts on this subject, other than some comments that it should be possible.
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My understanding is that you'd like 1 single key fob that works with all three cars, i.e. you could get into one Volt, drive it, get out, and go to the next one and drive that one all while using the same fob. Technologically speaking, it is possible, since all the car is doing is verifying the ID of the fob, however I seriously doubt any dealer would ever do something like that.
The programming process described in the Gen 1 manual is pretty specific that the fob is being programmed to match a new individual key code generated by the car, not the other way around, and the car remembers up to 5 codes that it generated for keys. So this "same key in multiple cars" will never work with the normal key-programming process.
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