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Program 2011 remote key fob for use in 2013 Volt

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Greetings fellow Volt owners.

I was a very early Volt adopter, purchased #639. I bought and programmed an extra key fob for it. The car was totaled a couple of months ago and I got a good deal on a 2013 as its replacement.

I now want to use the extra 2011 key fob with the 2013. I've followed the instructions, and placed the new(old 2011) fob in the dashboard tray as instructed. DIC says ready for #3 but doesn't detect it.

Is this because the fob was previously programmed for another car? I thought that the programming didn't actually alter the fob but trained the car to recognize it. Or is it because the fob is electrically different? Both fobs read Strattec 22755323 in the blade well.

The 2013 has a slightly different (and better) locking system. You can unlock the door by pushing a button on the door without taking the fob out of your pocket. Am I out of luck getting the newer car to recognize the older fob?

If I'm out of luck, does anyone want to buy a very slightly used 2011 key fob with the blade uncut?
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That's a good question. I don't think the key itself is trained but rather the car as you stated in your 3rd statement. I say this because I bought a used and cut fob on ebay for $10 figuring I was only out $10 rather than 80 or so the dealer wanted. Even the ebay listing stated that it was previously programmed and I could pay an additional $30 or so to have it wiped which I didn't notice until after I bought "as is". Much to my surprise after reading 50/50 that it can and cannot be programmed to the car, it programmed just fine. Unfortunately I only had one key so had to do the programming function the lengthier way, but it did work.
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