I had some further discussions about the Chevy Volt's interior with chief designer Bob Boniface.  He advised me that the production interior design has undergone some further refinements. This images above reveal those. The older design is at the post bottom.  You can download the high-res image here .

Are the interior interfaces finalized?
Stylistically it looks mainly final.

Are the things seen on the display completely finalized?
They're not completely finalized, there is going to be more content than what you see here. These are just DVDs that are rolling on a loop.

One of the things we have changed I should tell you design-wise is this piece the middle touch screen frame. People kept trying to break this or pull it off. It doesn’t move. It looks like it should move. It (also) is not very manufacturable.  It was one piece. It was die-locked. So now we've integrated it. It has more of a hood on it, its integrated around its edges, it actually looks quite a bit better. On all these buttons, we've added pill-shaped targets, tactile targets that you can navigate towards.

Are they haptic?
No, they are capacitive, but they have auditory feedback, they don’t have touch feedback.

Have you taken some feedback then from the public perception?
No, we just knew that all along.

Another thing is that these vents have moved. They're actually "siamesed" off the sides of the center stack, and they actually look a lot more high-end, more upscale. The rest of these main surfaces are unchanged.

Older Design
Thanks to Statik for finding the image.