We have been waiting patiently to see the production redesign of the Chevy Volt concept.  Speculation recently indicated that GM would reveal the car at their Centennial celebration on September 16th.

Today, the Detroit News is reporting that the September 16th revelation will be a sneak peek only for GM workers who will not be allowed to bring in cameras.

Sources within GM told the reporter that the production car won't actually be shown to the public until the LA Auto Show in November or the Detroit Auto Show in January.

A consumer focus group in California was shown the production version last month and the response was "very positive" per GM spokesperson Karla Coleman.

While we're waiting anyway, the graphic above shows a fantastic artist rendition of the production Volt created by a group effort in our GM-Volt.com forum, primarilary by Dinosaurus and finished up by Jason C.  You can see more of Dinosaurus' 3-D modelling here .

Source ( Detroit News )