GM has made significant aerodynamic changes to the original Volt concept they showed in early 2007, but I expect it to be very similar and very cool. The Volt team has already finalized the redesign. We've been shown partial teasers (above) and a camouflage 1/3 scale model , but haven't yet seen the whole car.

A report has just been published indicating that, "the Volt will be seen in Paris in US production specification." This presentation is to take place at the Paris Motor Show, which is scheduled for October 4-19. This is of course less than 5 months from now.

Volt lead designer Bob Boniface told me in early April that we will see the Volt "sooner rather than later", and noted cars are usually revealed 2 to 3 year prior to the production date and at events where there is large media attention.

I would imagine, but can't say for sure, that Europe is not likely to be the first place the world will see the Volt, but more likely, in its home country the U.S. The fact that Paris is aware they will have the production Volt model in October means GM must have planned to have revealed it already by then.

Since there are no major car shows (NY, LA, Detroit) between now and October, it must be that the car will be shown at some other major assembly.

As GM has not told me exactly when and where we will see it, I would only be guessing, but one thing is for sure, it will be very soon.

The article also seems to confirm GM is planning a production diesel E-Flex for Europe but not necessarily the Flextreme.

Source ( Channel4 )