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Problems with Poor Volt Dealer Service

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Hi all, need some advice and help with the service I am receiving on my 2013 Premium

Around 2 weeks ago my Volt started to make the high pitched whining noise on decel that seems to be a fairly known problem on the forums. My nearest volt tech, unfortunately for where I live, is 1.5 hours away, after working with chevy customer service and the volt tech dealer I got the car out to them and received a loaner to use while it was in the shop. At this point in time I was told they had the part for the main drive bearing and it would be only 2 or so days, yet here I sit nearly 2 weeks later still with no car......

For those of you who have been through this fix, what all is involved? The last week has been the service adviser basically dodging my calls and giving me excuse after excuse as to the status. It has been 2 weeks of "it will be done tomorrow"... Most of the time they said they were waiting on a part or on a tool, even though I was originally told they had it, and today after the service adviser dodged my call again, I finally talked to them after asking to talk to the manager, unsurprisingly when I asked for that suddenly the adviser was available....

So my question is, do they need to drain the cooling fluids to accomplish this fix? When I asked why it wasnt done yet I was told they were test driving it to make sure all the valves were opening and closing because they had to drain the coolant. It was originally confirmed to me that it was the drive bearing that I suspected it was and I feel like the dealer broke something on my car and has spent the last 1.5 weeks covering it up while they fixed it.

Please any advice would be extremely helpful.
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Same old story. We need a NATIONAL LIST of GM dealers who feel comfortable taking care of Volts and Electric cars, the LIST should be STATE by STATE and City by City. If you do not know how to service Volts DO NOT SELL THEM !!!...Perhaps centralize Dealers with experience would be the solution...more like TESLA service. If you have a broken VOLT why do you have to drive an ICE car during the repair???. If you pay > $40.000 for a car you deserve a careful service. Seems the GM dealers have excellent SALES service and LOUSY repair, parts and rest of services. They get very upset when you do not give them 100% satisfaction in their reports, I wonder why?.
The typical,,"our Volt mechanic is off the rest of the weeK", or just left in his Honeymoon...leave your car here will give you an ICE car...When we will see independent VOLT mechanics opening their shops?. I suspect as soon the 8 yrs warranty is over, lets hope so...
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