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Problem volt 2012 when turning left ( intermittent)

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Hi guys iam new here

I have a issue with me 2012 volt when turning left only.

When cornering at around 20 mph i heard a " tock sounds" like somethings is rubbing.

Some time i turn and its ok but soon I applied brake

The one time i took it to the dealer they haven't replicated the noise...

I post a youtube link so you can hear the sound.

Thanks for your input
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Take it to a parking garage where you can hear the echos. Then you can diagnose it further with the windows down to figure out under what conditions it happens. Is it a repetitive sound that increases and decreases with speed changes? One thing to check is whether you've got a rock or a nail wedged between the treads. It could also be something rubbing, a warped rotor, bad bearing, or loose axle nuts that need to be torqued.

Just yesterday there was an Elemental thread about torquing his nuts.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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