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Price of a Gen1 sun visor clip from the dealer

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My daughter, in a Hulk-like manner, tore out the small clip the holds the sun visor in place. I went to the GM dealership to order a new one.... I'm now $12 poorer. I could have had 12 McD's cheeseburgers or 4.96 Filet-o-fishes for that amount.
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Man, I should have gotten my clip from you, though fuel and time to drive up to Chicagoland completely negates any savings.

So are Volt/Cruze and other GM visors and clips interchangeable? Can you get the colors to match?
There is some interchangeability on visors and visor parts among GM cars, but it isn't always so. The length has to be exactly right, the angles and mounting on the sides have to be right, color and so on. I have a set of Seville visors in my garage that I though would fit on a car I used to own. They mounted fine, but turned out to be about 1/2" too wide... (I need to dig them out and eBay them one of these days.) So it is good to know that Volt, Bolt, and Cruze visors are compatible.

It is really useful for any DIY-type person maintaining a car that is more than a few years old to know where their local Pick N Pull type yards are. The yards are a little gritty, as are some of their customers. But seriously useful for finding parts that are no longer available, or overpriced. It is also fun to find upgraded parts, e.g., from Cadillacs and others, to retrofit. Things like Homelink mirrors come to mind. Much cheaper than eBay prices or new. In fact I bet many parts on eBay came out of Pick N Pull yards, and the sellers are just flipping them at a higher price.
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I think that I learned this about automobile sun visors maybe 50 years ago. Just sayin'... 8^)
Well, my 24 and 13 year old gm vehicles don’t have them.
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