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Price of a Gen1 sun visor clip from the dealer

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My daughter, in a Hulk-like manner, tore out the small clip the holds the sun visor in place. I went to the GM dealership to order a new one.... I'm now $12 poorer. I could have had 12 McD's cheeseburgers or 4.96 Filet-o-fishes for that amount.
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When I was a kid, they were 19 cents. In college, there was some special sale for 39 cent whoppers at the local Burger King. I bought 20 of them, took them home, and microwaved them for meals of the next week.
Ha. When I was a kid, Regular gas at the corner Gulf gas station cost 19 cents and air for my bicycle tires was free! Milk cost 14 cents a quart, butter was 41 cents a pound, a Studebaker Champion sedan cost $730 and a Cadillac cost $4,045. The dollar has cheapened quite a bit since then! Ford, a privately held company, allowed Henry Ford to become a billionaire. I'm not sure how many more there were then, but, as of October 4, 2016, there were 540 billionaires in the U.S..
What kills me is that when I was 7, my father bought a Plymouth Satellite for about $1400. In the dealer lot sitting right next to his new car was a lime green Plymouth Superbird with a $3400 price tag. I told him he should buy that car and he replied "no, it is way too expensive." I think anybody today would be happy to spend $3400 for that car as it's worth $300K-$1M+ today. Heck, I blow through way more than $3400 per month today.... yes, the value of a dollar has changed dramatically.

Brain fart, I wonder if we should consider splitting the dollar, just like stocks split when they start to feel expensive - well, I guess in this case it would be a reverse split. If we just give everybody 1 new dollar for every 10 old dollars, that McD's cheeseburger would be 10 cents, a gallon of gas would be between 20-30 cents, and a new Tesla would cost $7000-12000. Although the psychological hit to our egos would be dramatic as we'd all get a 10x pay cut. There would be fewer Billionaires...
It might work! Although, what you describe as a split is really a reverse split (making fewer out of many). EDIT: you said that, didn't you 8^)

As cool as it would be to own and drive an antique auto or a classic auto, I want the safety and convenience features of the modern auto. "Though I wouldn't mind having the 1929 Pontiac that my great-grandfather was getting rid of (junking) in 1949. I jumped up and down to get them (my parents) to take the car back to NY from Iowa when moving back. Wisely (I guess... 8^( ...they said "NO". I think that I have posted before that my great-grandfather had drilled a hole in the wooden floorboard and attached a hose and funnel so that he could relieve himself while driving. Crazy huh? He was a bricklayer in Dresden before emigrating to the US at the tender age of 26.
<snip> I had no idea that the visors also pulled out along its shaft. So when you flip the visor to the side window, pull towards the rear of the car, and the visor will gain some length.
I think that I learned this about automobile sun visors maybe 50 years ago. Just sayin'... 8^)
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