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Price of a Gen1 sun visor clip from the dealer

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My daughter, in a Hulk-like manner, tore out the small clip the holds the sun visor in place. I went to the GM dealership to order a new one.... I'm now $12 poorer. I could have had 12 McD's cheeseburgers or 4.96 Filet-o-fishes for that amount.
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Live and learn. I paid $11.00 each to replace 16 corroded wheel nuts, thinking they would be at most two or three bucks.

But I'm not sure I'd eat any cheeseburger that only cost a dollar...
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When I was a kid, they were 19 cents. In college, there was some special sale for 39 cent whoppers at the local Burger King. I bought 20 of them, took them home, and microwaved them for meals of the next week.
When I was a kid, lobster and salmon were poor people's food. It's not that I lived in a posh neighbourhood, either., tastes just changed.

My first years in university we had a meal plan, and every Saturday night it was t-bone steaks. Now you have twenty years of debt when you graduate. Onward and upwards...
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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