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Presentation at APEC 2008 by Steven Schultz

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I recently attended the 2008 Applied Power Electronics Conference. Steven Schultz gave a nice presentation that included some details about the Chevy Volt.

Here's a bio of Mr. Schultz:
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I took a look at the presentation today and noticed the comment about a 300 mile total range. I'm concerned about that number. As a urban commuter that's fine, it will run mostly on electricity but say I want to take it to the cabin or out on a little road trip 300 miles is not nearly adequate. That will make for a lot of pit stops and the potential for an out of fuel situation. There are stretchs of highway that I travel on camping trips that don't have a gas station for about 250 miles or so, that's really getting to an uncomfortable level.

Like Karik, I was expecting higher (500-600 miles)
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