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Presentation at APEC 2008 by Steven Schultz

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I recently attended the 2008 Applied Power Electronics Conference. Steven Schultz gave a nice presentation that included some details about the Chevy Volt.

Here's a bio of Mr. Schultz:
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An excellent presentation, thanks for the link.

Several things there that are worthy of comment:
1. 135 kW electric drive. This is presumably peak power, but is higher than the 115 kW motor quoted earlier. This is exciting, if true, as it will give the car a bit more acceleration.
2. 300 mile total range. This is down considerably from the 640 mile figure quoted earlier. I wonder if GM is concerned with the weight, and is making the gas tank smaller?
3. 110V, 15 Amp recharging. So no 220 V one, and time for a typical 12 kWh recharge: 7.3 hours, a bit more than the 6.5 hours I have read earlier, but no big deal.
4. DC to DC converter with 12 V, 100 - 200 Amp output (so max 2.4 kW), as well as 42 V output (hmm, for AC?).
5. Industry trend is favoring IPM motors, rather than induction motors. Is that for propulsion or for accessories? Can anyone explain the difference to a layman? What is a position sensor?
6. Bus Capacitor is 14% of the inverter cost. Would that be a supercapacitor?
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