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Presentation at APEC 2008 by Steven Schultz

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I recently attended the 2008 Applied Power Electronics Conference. Steven Schultz gave a nice presentation that included some details about the Chevy Volt.

Here's a bio of Mr. Schultz:
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Possible Drive System

I don't pretend to be an authority on electric drive, but it is used in locomotives and on some fairly large ships.

I believe the drive for the Volt will use a synchronous permanent magnet motor with a variable speed drive. See this link for more info:

Note the speed range for the motor can be 0 to 20,000 rpm. With this design, the speed of the motor is controlled by the input frequency of the power. And I believe the specifications for the Volt call for a 3 phase AC motor. I also remember that this type of drive was used for the EV-1, because synchronous motors are very efficient.

I had originally posted this under "Suggestions for GM" in regards to the need for a 5 speed transmission.
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