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Precondition and Low Fuel Don't Mix?

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This may have been noted elsewhere, but I didn't see it on a search of the forum or the Owner's Manual. I returned from a road trip on Monday with the fuel tank reading "LOW". I had no other long trips planned, so I didn't prioritize filling up the tank. For the next couple of days, remote start preconditioning would not work regardless of whether the battery was well charged or if the car was plugged in (240V). As soon as I filled up the car, remote start worked fine.

Anyone else noticed this?
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FWIW, this is not a big deal to me as I generally keep fuel in the tank, but I thought it was odd behavior that was not really well-spelled out in the Manual and the error message on the App was not any help either.

I took "second remote start" reference to refer to an additional remote start within the same period between operating the vehicle:

A maximum of two remote starts, or a remote start with an extension, are allowed between vehicle operation.
I could not get any remote start to work while the fuel level was "LOW".

As quirks go, this is pretty minor. Just thought I'd point it out.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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