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Hi guys,

I need your help.
I live in Mexico (the country not the state) and a few months ago I bought my 2019 Volt.
I installed a charge point in my parking area and I am a bit worried about a some possible scenarios,
First, the physical ground had to be connected using the same ground used by everyone in the building . What happens if lightning strikes the building while the car is plugged in, regardless of whether it's charging or not charging?
Second, what happens if the local power company has iffy voltage (welcome to Mexico) and about once every two or three years instead of getting 127 volts you get 190 volts per phase (I get 210 at the chargepoint even though the normal voltage per line is 127v), or you get low voltage of about 80-90 volts for a couple of hours.
Third, is there any kind of insurance in the US that covers getting striked by lightning or utility over/under voltage change while plugged (in Mexico vehicle insurance does not cover it, I asked)?
I'm a worrying too much about nothing?

Thanks :)
BTW I'm using a ChargePoint Tm given by my dealer as a "gift" that didn't come with a manual .

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A very few have reported having a lightning strike take out their EVSE and the car charger. $$$$.

To be on the safe side, unplug the car in a lightning storm if possible.

EVSE's are sensitive to voltage issues. Low voltage can definitely cause a fault preventing a charge. Unplug, reset, charge later.

Call an insurance agent?
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