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Does the Volt II shut down electrical driven accessories when both the battery and fuel tank is low?

I'm trying to burn some gasoline in my car because it's been in there for about 7 months and i'd like to buy some fresh fuel. I'm down to about 50 miles left. Yesterday, I was on a longer than usual drive and was down to 5 miles left on my battery power. I manually switched from battery to gasoline and when I did, I heard a three bell warning and the display read "Service Power Steering". First time that it ever happened. In steering the car, I found that the power steering was nonoperational so I had to turn the steering wheel with great effort. When i got home, I plugged the charger into the car and opened the hood. I heard a noise like a relay resetting. I started the car up and found the power steering was working again.

So, seeing that I was very low on both battery and gasoline, did the Volt II sense that it might be time to shut down some features that use energy? If so, it seems like the A/C would have shut down first.

Any thoughts? My car is a 2017 with about 33,000 miles.
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