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Power steering control module failure

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I have seen similar threads on this topic, but am having trouble believing my dealership's diagnosis. While driving my 2011 Volt home recently on a two lane highway, my power steering went out and I got the "Service Power Steering" message on the dash. While difficult to steer, I continued home (about 15 miles). I charged the car overnight and called the dealer in the morning. When I drove to the dealer, the steering worked fine, but I still wanted the dealer to check things out.

After several days of trying to diagnose the problem, they determined the steering gear mechanism was not getting power due to an intermittent failure in the control module. Their plan is to replace the control module.

When I mentioned there was a bulletin extending the warranty on the power steering to 10 years, their response was that was for the gear/motor mechanism, not for the control module. So whenever they get this done, I will be paying the full amount. Seems to me, and from what I've read on this forum, the mechanical and electrical pieces are interrelated, and all of it should be covered by the 10 year warranty.

Is the dealer correct? Or should I push back?
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This sounds similar to the steering problem associated with the 2005 Malibu (others?) we used to own. It would periodically shut off, requiring a great deal more effort to turn the wheel. GM replaced the defective parts for free and extended the coverage for this defect to something like 150,000 miles. If they don't cover it now, hang onto your repair bill, it may become a covered repair in the future and GM would then reimburse you for those costs.
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