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Power source / location for Homelink on Spark

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I want to install a Homelink in our new (used) Spark and was wondering if anyone had already done it.

My first thought was to put it in the head console as I did on our volt (the spark console is a lot easier to remove given it has screws). But I cannot find 12V on Ignition there.
The light wires are always hot, and in the OnStar harness I can only find 10 volts.
Question: Would Homelink work on 10 Volt?

There is also a harness going to the block behind the mirror, but I have not tried to pry that open to access the harness connector to measure (Has anyone done that, is it an easy task, or does anyone knows the color coding of these wires in that harness?)

I also saw someone had installed a Homelink on a Volt on the Fuse box panel, but on the Spark, there is just not enough space there to do that.

I am trying to avoid having to pass a wire from the fuse box to the head console.

Any suggestion that does not involve major disassembly?