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Some thoughts

In general, it seems to be an great concept. During the EPA City Cycle, 25% of the energy goes into (accelerating - Regen*Decelerating). So this Poulsen cruise only concept can save only 75% on gas consumption. The crusie range only (wind, tire, and road) losses are dependent of the weight of the vehicle. So relative to the Volt, cruise saving drop proportionately to the weight of this vehicle relative to the Volt. Range is then proportional by this amount to the battery Energy, 4kWhr, which is 1/4 of the Volt's.

What fraction of the 4 kWhr charge is available to range?
What happens to the torque bar fittings when you hit a pot hole?
How does the controller accommodate braking?
Bye bye trunk space.
What is the fatigue life of the motor connections?
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