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Post pics of your charger installs (aka show off your poles!)

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If I can install a charger at all at my home, I won't be able to do a standard wall mount. It'll be outside in a carport. Installation Guide.pdf

The bollard/pole mounts for the Chargepoint look nice. I know I've seen similar bollard mounts for other units. But the pole mounts probably blend in with the background a little better, which is probably what I'd prefer.

I'd like to see what sorts of pole mounts (or bollard mounts) you guys have at your homes/offices.
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I just finished expanding a shed on the side of my workshop building to create a carport (details on my blog). I find this setup to be practical and the install was very simple. Just pulled Romex 10/3 wire from the breaker box 25 ft and through the wall to the meter box. I installed the Voltec charger on the outside corner along with my own meter that I got used/reconditioned on eBay so I can track the energy used to charge the Volt. Most of the charging power comes from our 5.2kW solar array.
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@Solarvolter, I especially like that you extended the carport roof by extending the roof rafters without replacing them. Most carpenters don't understand this is a structurally sound method.

Thanx Dave,
My buddy John down the road is a builder and he and I did the job together - his wisdom, skills and my muscles! It took us about 3 days to extend the structure, and first we had to jack up the old roof and level it which was a huge challenge. See my blog for more construction details. Well, I pitched in some good ideas too! I have only parked under the new carport 2 times since the gravel was leveled under it. Before that t was all clay mud! I can also park nose-in to the exterior wall which faces north, and will do that occasionally in the fall and winter when the shadows grow longer as it's more convenient, and I get the shade benefit.
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