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Possible heater issue, occasional "burning smell" on Max setting.

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I am hesitant to call this a problem, and am wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Perhaps this will go away over time (car was purchased end of Nov, only 3500 miles).

Several times now I have been running without ERDTT. Outside temperature was upper 40's, and I had the heater on Max for a quicker cabin warm-up. After about 10 minutes I noticed the odor of "hot-electronics", seemed to diminish when i switched to eco. I assume the Volt HVAC system incorporates a resistive heating element, and wonder if this is what I am smelling? Have others noticed this? Perhaps it will go away over time, or ....?
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I've had the exact same issue is OP on my 17 Volt Premier. Occasional very bad burning smells when running the ICE and the heat. It seems to be worse when at a stop compared to cruising along. We just bought mine in April and we had a couple cold snaps here, but now that I am not using the heat I haven't had any issues. I've had no problems at all when running the AC, whether the ICE is on or not.
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