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Possible heater issue, occasional "burning smell" on Max setting.

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I am hesitant to call this a problem, and am wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Perhaps this will go away over time (car was purchased end of Nov, only 3500 miles).

Several times now I have been running without ERDTT. Outside temperature was upper 40's, and I had the heater on Max for a quicker cabin warm-up. After about 10 minutes I noticed the odor of "hot-electronics", seemed to diminish when i switched to eco. I assume the Volt HVAC system incorporates a resistive heating element, and wonder if this is what I am smelling? Have others noticed this? Perhaps it will go away over time, or ....?
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There's a TSB out on this. A sticker on a heat shield is burning and the fumes are being ingested into the HVAC system and delivered to the cabin. The bandaid is to apply a carbon cabin filter until either the sticker burns off or they replace the heat shield with one that doesn't have a sticker. There's a wait on the new parts, so the air filter route is the best solution they have.
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