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I believe most people know that the Bolt is a pure electric vehicle when you run out of juice your stuck on the side of the road, hopefully not in the middle of the road.

Now the Volt, even today, some people think its a pure electric car. When they ask me about it I tell them I get now in summer 60 miles on a charge, they look at me and say thats not much and what happens when you run out of electric. I have to tell them the gas engine kicks in and I can now go another 300 or miles on gas, and still get well over 40 mpg, as us over 45 mpg.

Other people think it just a hybrid, and have no idea it can run for 40 to over 60 miles just on 100% electricity with no gas engine firing up in between.
I've run into exactly the same ignorance about the Volt. Chalk it up the Chevy's lack of marketing to explain it.
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