In our last post we gave readers the chance to weigh in on whether they preferred the looks of the concept Volt or the production Volt as we've seen it so far from the leaked Transformers2 set video.

Understandably its not really fair to compare fuzzy, grainy, dark, and odd-angled shots of the production car to the beautiful studio renditions we have of the concept. Yet, despite this considerable handicap, the new production version wins hands down.

865 people voted, and of those 560 (65%) preferred the production version and 305 (35%) preferred the initial concept. Im sure the upcoming presidential race won't come out so definitively!

Wait until we finally see the detailed proofs in the lustrous electric silver tone, and I'll bet that percentage goes up.

Thanks to reader Zita who provided the photoshop comparisons shown above and below this post letting you compare the two versions in purple.