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Have you had your EVSE replaced?

  • No, I have not. Charging fine.

    Votes: 69 69.0%
  • I have had it replaced once

    Votes: 21 21.0%
  • I have had it replaced more than once

    Votes: 10 10.0%
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Haven't replaced the EVSE but did replace the plug head

Back in April, I wrote up my experience with pictures on my scorched EVSE plughead on my thread "Observations of an Early Adopter" on "Things I've noticed #13" here:'ve+noticed

Basically, I was using a 3-way adapter for about 3 months and plugging the EVSE into that and that into an old 110v outlet in my garage. One day I plugged the J1772 into the car and the 3-way setup started hissing from some crazy arcing going on at the plughead. I unplugged the J1772 immediately. I threw away the 3-way and replaced the plughead and 110v outlet hardware in the garage. Now I run a 25 ft 12 gauge extension cord to the EVSE from this new outlet. I haven't had a problem with it since.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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