Not everyone here celebrates Christmas, we know, so for those of you who do not, we hope what ever you do, that you have a great weekend.

And naturally also, for those who do celebrate, we say Merry Christmas to you!

Originally, I had thought to post a Volt video we got access to, but we ran into some technical difficulties delaying it. So at nasaman's suggestion, I'm going to reprint a Volt poem instead – as first seen this week on Voltage .

Best Regards,

- Jeff


By Roy Wilson
Volt owner #6112

‘Twas the night before Christmas and in the garage
There wasn’t a trace of a Ford or a Dodge
The presents were wrapped and the lights were all lit
So I figured I’d mess with my Volt just a bit!

I popped the release and I lifted the hood
When a deep voice behind me said “Looks pretty good!”
Well, as you can imagine, I turned mighty quick
And there, by the workbench, stood good ol’ Saint Nick!

We stood there a bit, not too sure what to say
Then he said “Don’t suppose that you’d trade for my sleigh?”
I said “No way Santa,” and started to grin,
“But if you’ve got the time we could go for a spin!”
His round little mouth, all tied up like a bow,
Turned into a smile and he said “Hey! Let’s go!”

So as not to disturb all the neighbors’ retreat
We backed the Volt quietly onto the street
Then, taking our places to regen down the hill,
I pushed the power button and let the display fill
The lack of motor sound took him by surprise
He liked it a lot, by the look in his eyes.

With electrons alive and the battery all aglow
We headed on out where other EV’s go
And Santa’s grin widened, while tilting his ears,
My Volt drove so quietly with no shifting of gears
Then he yelled “Can’t recall when I’ve felt so alive!”
So I backed off the pedal and said “You wanna drive?”

Ol’ Santa was stunned when I gave him the fob
As he walked past the headlights he was thinking “Sport Mode!”
The electric motor exploded with torque so supreme!
Santa let out a shout and said “I love it, what a dream!”

We watched the little ball stay steady as she goes
Because we both knew how efficient the Volt computer knows
Then I heard him exclaim as we accelerated from sight