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My Volt has the known Rotor bearing noise issue, it is making the chainsaw noise specially when applying regen/brake.
It's out of warranty because it has a branded title.

So please if anyone has the procedure or manual to change the part would be very helpful to share it.
I searched online and I found vague info of how to do it and it doesn't seem to be a very complicated procedure with the proper tools which I can get them. So please any help would be appreciated.

My other question is: What happens if I ignore this? will there be more damage or I'll just have the same noise.... I'm asking because I've driven the car with this noise for around 3K miles and it is exactly the same neither worse nor better. SO I don't know if it's actually so serious. If you ask why I drove it so many miles and I'm now concerned for this is because I didn't know it was a problem and I took the car from Texas (where I had it) to Canada (Where I am now) and when I bought the car it already had that noise so I thought it was normal but recently I saw a thread about this and now that's why I'm concerned now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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