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Playing music from a USB thumbdrive?

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Before I dig into the million page manual I thought I'd ask here first. lol

:confused: How do I go about playing music from a thumb drive. I come from a 6 disc changer in my old 300C to no CD player at all.
Can I just download my favorite music library to a thumb drive and leave it in the slot at all times, just playing it when I feel like it?
Do I just copy the music files directly from my computer, or are there additional steps to take?
I hope someone more tech savvy than I am can help. Thank you in advance, everybody.

I love my brand new Volt. coming from a 2007 Chrysler 300C with a big V8, this car makes me feel like I've stepped into the future. The only niggles I have with it is that it lacks power seats and a sunroof. also, the "can't locate remote" message has popped up a couple of times, but there's a TSB for that so I'll address it with my dealer when I have a chance.