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Pixel Phones don't support Gen 1 Volts?

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I was happy my new phone came today -
It paired, but did not play thru the audio system of my 2013 Volt.
The online Chevy adviser advised me to not use handheld devices while driving. !?!
I replied how was this possible that my car is "older" and the pixel is more powerful than the OS in the car?
The online adviser took all my info re: VIN, milage, name. ETC.

I hope Chevy will create a fix for this..

Sad in the Sunshine State of Florida..
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I have this problem of Bluetooth pairing and no audio all the time. The trick for me to circumvent the problem is to be patient. When you start the car, don't touch the radio until at least 45 seconds, then even wait a some more. Then when you switch the audio source to Bluetooth the audio will flow. I can recreate the problem every time with my iPhone SE. If I pair and try to play music too quickly, the display shows it playing, the phone thinks it's playing, but no audio. Once in this mode, the only way around it is to turn off Bluetooth on the phone, wait, turn it back on, wait, wait some more, then switch the source to Bluetooth and play.

The other thing to check is if your audio on the phone might be turned all the way down. I sometimes need to push my volume up buttons on the phone.

There's always the trusted analog headphone cable...that always works for music, not so much for phone features.
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My Pixel paired up with my 2014 without a problem. The phone works perfectly through the car. What I have never attempted, though, is to play music from my phones - ever. So, I can't speak to the OP's problem. The Pixel is way faster than my Galaxy S3!
...and way less flammable than a Galaxy Note 7. Interestingly enough on a business trip last Friday I found out first hand that airlines are forced by the FCC to announce that the note 7 is banned from all flights and to see an attendant if you have one in your possession. There goes the only competition to Apple's smartphone dominance as I suspect many will avoid all Samsung even though this only affects the note 7. It's no different than the Chinese never forgetting the KFC disaster. Their country many years ago.
I doubt that the FCC cares; the FAA might though.

On a side note, it would seem a bit hypocritical for a Samsung Note 7 to be kicked off of a 787 for lithium battery safety problems...
You're right, I had the wrong federal 3 letter agency that starts with an F.
There was a report yesterday about an Edge 7 exploding too. Ironically, the person exchanged their Note 7 for it!
Steve Jobs is dancing in Heaven. Despite the long drawn out trial in California between Apple and Samsung, it's funny how Karma jumped in and took care of this. It sounds like any Samsung 7 phone is tarnished. They must quickly jump to 8.
I occasionally have this issue with my iphone 6 (and my iphone 5 before that). If you swipe up from the bottom to get into control center, on the lower right is where the audio is going. It will say "Volt" but nothing is playing. Press that and switch it to "iphone" and the sound will start coming back out of the phone's speaker. Then switch it back to "Volt" and it's worked 100% of the time for me. Takes just a few seconds. May be faster than your current method? Worth a try...

OP... bluetooth is supposed to be standard, so if both devices claim to be bluetooth, they are supposed to work together. For some reason, car and phone makers (not sure who is more to blame) sometimes implement the standard in a non-standard way and it can cause issues. See my comment above, perhaps your Pixel is doing something similar, can you switch between Volt and phone speaker output and back and see if that fixes it? Did you make sure the volume is not at 0 on the phone? Have you verified the pixel works with other bluetooth devices (speakers, headsets, etc)?
I had no idea that menu was even there. Thanks for the tip. Next time it happens, I'll try it.
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