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Pixel Phones don't support Gen 1 Volts?

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I was happy my new phone came today -
It paired, but did not play thru the audio system of my 2013 Volt.
The online Chevy adviser advised me to not use handheld devices while driving. !?!
I replied how was this possible that my car is "older" and the pixel is more powerful than the OS in the car?
The online adviser took all my info re: VIN, milage, name. ETC.

I hope Chevy will create a fix for this..

Sad in the Sunshine State of Florida..
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My Pixel paired up with my 2014 without a problem. The phone works perfectly through the car. What I have never attempted, though, is to play music from my phones - ever. So, I can't speak to the OP's problem. The Pixel is way faster than my Galaxy S3!
There was a report yesterday about an Edge 7 exploding too. Ironically, the person exchanged their Note 7 for it!
I'm wondering if this is going to do to Samsung phone sales what the --->Battery Fire<--- did to Volt sales 8^(
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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