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Pixel Phones don't support Gen 1 Volts?

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I was happy my new phone came today -
It paired, but did not play thru the audio system of my 2013 Volt.
The online Chevy adviser advised me to not use handheld devices while driving. !?!
I replied how was this possible that my car is "older" and the pixel is more powerful than the OS in the car?
The online adviser took all my info re: VIN, milage, name. ETC.

I hope Chevy will create a fix for this..

Sad in the Sunshine State of Florida..
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...and way less flammable than a Galaxy Note 7. Interestingly enough on a business trip last Friday I found out first hand that airlines are forced by the FCC to announce that the note 7 is banned from all flights and to see an attendant if you have one in your possession. There goes the only competition to Apple's smartphone dominance as I suspect many will avoid all Samsung even though this only affects the note 7. It's no different than the Chinese never forgetting the KFC disaster. Their country many years ago.
There was a report yesterday about an Edge 7 exploding too. Ironically, the person exchanged their Note 7 for it!
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