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Pitch: Chevy Bolt EV

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We don't have a suggestions for GM under the Bolt forums, so I had to put this here. Anyway, I'd like to pitch an advertisement idea to GM for Bolt EV. Don't try to be witty. Don't try to be cute. Just tell this as a quick paced, slice-of-life story that should last no longer than a 30 second spot if edited correctly.

Open on a crowded supermarket. We see people dressed in heavy winter clothes rushing around with carts.
Focus on MOLLY. She is calmly pushing her cart down the aisles, occasionally adding something to her cart. Molly looks up as the PA comes to life.

Remember to get everything you need for this cold winter weekend. We have reports of heavy snow and freezing rain, so be safe everyone!

Molly tightens her scarf around her neck and pulls out her phone, activating her myChevrolet App. With a few taps, she activates a preconditioning feature.

Molly pulls on her wool cap and hugs her grocery bag as she walks out the door.

The parking lot is snow covered and people are rushing to get out. Molly calmly walks through the snow. As she walks, we see someone frantically clearing snow from the windshield of their car.


Molly is startled by the screeching belts of a car starting. She continues walking. We then hear a large diesel pickup struggling to start in the cold. It finally turns over and erupts in a huge plume of black, sooty smoke. Molly is clearly disgusted, but she turns and smiles.

We see a solitary Chevy Bolt EV dusted with snow. The windshield and windows are clear of snow, and we can see faint steam rising from the warm glass.

Molly takes off her cap and loosens her scarf in the clearly warm interior, and she silently drives out of the parking lot.

As Molly drives the snow-covered streets, she comes to a stop at a corner next to a gas station. The station is crowded with cars lined up out to the street. People are shivering as they pump gas, and we can see the long line inside the station where people are impatiently waiting.

Molly drives up her driveway into her open, well-lit garage. The garage door closes behind her. She reaches for the conveniently placed plug, and plugs in her Bolt EV. Molly carries her groceries into the house and closes the door behind her. The garage goes dark other than the lights indicating that the Bolt EV is charging.

ON SCREEN: Redefine Convenience

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Chevy's ad agency is too insulated from reality and from the public. Being a working TV director and multiple Volt owner, I actually had dealings with them about some of my own ideas for Volt commercials. They were too threatened to actually take them seriously, and GM itself plays a subservient role to the ad guys, not wanting to make waves. I finally gave up trying. I'm not sure how serious GM is about selling these great cars. It's truly unfortunate.
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