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Pirelli Cinturato a mistake?

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Have had these for a week, put about 400 miles on them. At 46K my OEMs were down to 4/32 in front and then I found a nail in the RR. The Pirelli's are noticeably quieter and felt firm on dry pavement but felt terrible at 70mph over standing water (raining heavily and water standing in tire grooves). Felt like they were on the edge of hydroplaning and dangerous. The GOM also went down from about 42 to 38 but I was expecting that.

Got them at Discount Tire. Bought them based on good reviews but when I look at the tread design it doesn't look very aggressive. Not sure if I got the "Plus" version or what the difference is. Thinking about trying to return them.
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Plus version has "plus" on the sidewall. What are your inflation temps?

I have not experienced what you are describing. Make sure your lug nuts are good too.
Don't you mean pressure?
Sorry, yes, pressure.
40 psi cold, lug nuts OK.

Tires say Cinturata Strada All Season. What does "Plus" get you?
The strada AS appearently is the same as the P7 plus but with deeper sipes and is supposed to be slightly better than the p7's on wet traction. I think they are exclusive to discount tire. They are a top rated tire and supposed to be superior in wet traction.

Having said that, hitting standing deeper puddles at 70mph will move your car around no matter what tire you have. The tire should have recovered quickly which I expect it did as you are still alive to post about it. A poor tire would continue to hydroplane for several feet. A newer tire will pull due to the ability of the water to slow you down very quickly on one or more tires when you hit the standing water but will continue to grip or grip within inches of hitting the water.

Last time I hydroplaned due to bad tires, I lost control and drifted across a full lane before the tires gripped again. That was as scary as it gets without getting into a wreck.

The plus has to do with low rolling resistance, light weight and high silica content. Yours are equivalent to the plus and are Applicable to the Volt.
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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