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Pedestrian warning noise?

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I've heard that there is a mandatory "noise required" legislation to prevent pedestrians from being hit at low speeds which involves EVs being required to emit some sort of sound? Does the Volt have this? I can't hear anything when I'm slowly driving mine? (damn pedestrians are probably zoned out with their face in their phone and/or their earbuds on anyway)
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I don't believe in the need at all. Just because someone can't hear a car coming, it doesn't mean that you have to make a noise to warn them. The horn is more than enough to wake up or warn pedestrians that your are near, because many don't even watch where they are walking. I may feel some sympathy for the sightless, but if we allow then to rule how we drive, then the next item will be the deaf wanting some bright flashing lights, too!

If my EV has the warning sound, I will disable it. Here in Puerto Rico we have no traffic law that requires it. I wish someday to wait at a traffic light and hear no noise coming from any vehicle at all (except some cooling fans and obnoxiously loud music).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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