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Pedestrian warning noise?

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I've heard that there is a mandatory "noise required" legislation to prevent pedestrians from being hit at low speeds which involves EVs being required to emit some sort of sound? Does the Volt have this? I can't hear anything when I'm slowly driving mine? (damn pedestrians are probably zoned out with their face in their phone and/or their earbuds on anyway)
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I'm guessing that mine doesn't have one as it's dead quiet...just as I like it!
I am currently working on making a better version right now, just got audio out tonight.
Did you actually hack into the car's recording sample to add your own?...I'd like something similar to the whoosh sound we hear when we first start the car, only a longer loop of course...if it's gotta make noise, at least make it something that makes people wonder what it is?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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