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Payment reduction Keyes

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Keyes Lease on Bolt EV with Fast charge

2500 Down same as State rebate

269 plus tax
36 month
818 231 1286

Until Further notice 2-21-17
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Rick does an outstanding job on this forum and is accessible via his cell phone almost all the time. I've texted him all hours of the day and night and he always replied within a couple hours. Good luck on getting anyone else (who has the power to make a FIRM deal) do the same.

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At the risk of sounding a fan boy - Rick and his staff provided me an excellent car, price, and service (see my signature).

If there's confusion with his posts, I'd take a moment to reach out to him to clarify. He's the no kidding GM of the entire Chevy dealership there and I'd imagine pretty darn busy. Heck, I consider darn it impressive he posts here personally and doesn't have one of his staff do it instead. I was just there on Monday getting my wife's new Volt, it's an impressive and large dealership with a huge staff that I'm sure take up a lot of time managing.

Bro1999, you've posted a lot and have been very helpful here on the forums. I don't know what is causing this animosity, (referencing another post a few threads down calling Rick names). But I would like to have all the EV fans work together to focus on our common enemy - expensive polluting ICEs.

Rick provides funding to the site allowing us a place to post. At the very least, that should have all posters giving him a bit of leeway and communicating that in a respectful manner.

A simple "Your date confused me a bit, does this mean it ended yesterday or did you mean 3-21 instead?" would have resolved this amicably.
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