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Parking brake auto-release

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If you try to drive off with the parking brake engaged, it will auto-release itself. Was wondering if this is a known feature e.g. do any of you do this on a regular (daily) basis or do you always manually release the parking brake before shifting into D and driving off?
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Interesting...when i do it in my 2016 volt the car rear feels like it lifts up and resists my slow acceleration out of my garage. Maybe if I hit the accelerator hard it will release..hold on let me check. ;) I've done this dozens of times in the past but never had it release yet.

As for the OP, the manual says not to do what your suggesting as it will cause increased wear on the brake linings.
Technically there is some wear, but going from 0 mph to 2 mph when the brakes release is hardly any wear at all.. minuscule. I don't think a lifetime of not manually releasing the parking brake will make any difference in brake wear. Slamming the brakes going 101 mph after shifting to N will definitely wear out the brakes.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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