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Painting Stock Rims, What Are They?

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Thinking of painting the stock Volt wheels, are they painted/clear coated from the factory? Do I need to sand down to metal or just sand for smooth or just get them clean?
Tips? Need etching primer? I've never painted wheels before but have plastidip/glossified sprayed random stuff.

Have a red Volt, thinking something along the lines of bronze/copper/rose gold. If anyone's done this on a red Volt I would love to see pics and details on which paint.
Here's a photochop for a rough idea but of course it's pretty hard to tell what which paint will turn out like.

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My wheels have some bubbling paint? so that answers some of it, but that's the inset sections. The front faces have a ridged texture to them so wondering if that means no sanding. Not looking for amazing, more looking for cheap, bought this as my winter/beater/long trip car.
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