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P0D3F P1EE6 and pending P1E00

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So i just got an original (old) 240v voltec charger for my 2012 volt, and after about 60% of charging i threw the three codes P0D3F P1EE6 and pending P1E00. i looked them up, all seemed generic. so i wiped the codes and the plugged her back in, and had a green light. looked at the car 10 min later and the charging indicator light in the car is off, so i am assuming that the same codes came up.

I used to charge with the 120 charger all the time before it broke, and i charge at work with a charge-point charger every business day, so why the heck is the charger that was bought at the dealer givin me trouble? anyone else have this problem?

thank you
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Sounds like your old Voltec EVSE has an issue. They were never very reliable, though they usually just die outright.
Yes...the average user thinks, "It stop working, throw it away and get a new one"...:(

It is shocking how many products that are manufactured and sold today as throw-away items...
That’s our “Made in China” world. You can’t get a good product that lasts a lifetime anymore, but you can buy a new cheap one very year. I’d prefer the former, but it’s usually not even an option.

In the case of the original Voltec EVSE, I’ve yet to see anyone repair anything inside except the fuses. Usually the components are all potted and soldered in a way that makes troubleshooting and repair extremely difficult. Never mind trying to find the correct replacement components.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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