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P0D3F P1EE6 and pending P1E00

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So i just got an original (old) 240v voltec charger for my 2012 volt, and after about 60% of charging i threw the three codes P0D3F P1EE6 and pending P1E00. i looked them up, all seemed generic. so i wiped the codes and the plugged her back in, and had a green light. looked at the car 10 min later and the charging indicator light in the car is off, so i am assuming that the same codes came up.

I used to charge with the 120 charger all the time before it broke, and i charge at work with a charge-point charger every business day, so why the heck is the charger that was bought at the dealer givin me trouble? anyone else have this problem?

thank you
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P0D3F Battery Charger Input Voltage
Sets when the reported AC Voltage is less than a voltage threshold

P1EE6 Battery Charger AC Voltage Not Present
Sets when CHARGER AC INPUT Voltage is less than a voltage threshold

Sounds like there is a problem with your vehicle NOT seeing enough AC voltage
Thank you Steverino.

I opened the unit last night, plugged in the car, it tripped after 25% charge, so i cleared the code, removed the cover and sat and watched like a psychopath. after 30 min i got board and left. The car ended up charging 100%.

The thing i did notice was a small resistor on the left side of the circuit board has silicon covering 40% of it. So my far fetched theory is that the resistor is not doing was resistor do, by converting electrical energy into heat in a effort to create a required resistance in the line. this is creating too much electricity in the circuit, causing the relays to make the clicking noise i mentioned earlier. i removed the face cover while the final 75% of the battery was charging that would of allowed for more of this cold Canadian air to circulate helping this resistor.

I know this is a bit crazy, i was hoping amounts the thousands of these that were sold someone would of figured this out.

Yes...the average user thinks, "It stop working, throw it away and get a new one"...:(

It is shocking how many products that are manufactured and sold today as throw-away items...
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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