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P0401, EGR cleaning, then overheating

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2017 Chevy Volt Premier, 153K miles.
I got the P0401 fault code last week so did the EGR valve cleaning and cleared the code.
This morning the weather was cold at about 18F.
Preconditioned, hopped in and drove in Hold to warm up the engine.
About 25 min into my drive I got an 'engine overheating' and 'pull over' error on the display.
When I pulled onto the shoulder it was steaming antifreeze. The coolant temp was right around 200F.
I let it cool down and then drove back home. But, the last 10 miles were on ICE power.
Check engine light came on and I had to stop due to overheating every ~2 miles.
The coolant went up to 230-240F.
So, the car sits on the driveway with evidence of coolant over the engine compartment.
I thought it might have been the coolant hose I removed from the EGR valve.
But, that was one of the few things that was dry.
I have not investigated in detail yet.
But the coolant leak definitely appears to originate on the passenger-front area of the engine bay.

I did run Torque Pro and got the following codes. Once this happened the engine went from smooth running to definitely rough. So, not surprising I get a knock sensor code.

Any ideas? Logic leads me to point to the EGR Valve cleaning. But, I don't think this is a situation where I reinstalled something incorrectly (not my first rodeo wrenching under a hood). The temp definitely went very high at ~240F but I stopped each time immediately so I feel I was able to limp home without internal damage.

I have the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend to do some wrenching on this car. I am leaning on replacing the EGR Valve (and possibly the cooler too). I am not sure on parts availability at present.

Let me know any other ideas!

Vehicle VIN: 1G1RB6S51HU103213
Vehicle Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Vehicle Calibration ID: Not present

Current Fault Log
P0325: Knock Sensor 1 Circuit (Bank 1 or Single Sensor)
P0AC4: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web
P16E0: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web

Pending Fault Log
P00B7: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web
P0324: Knock Control System Error

Historic Fault Log
ECU reports no historic faults
Other discovered fault codes
(possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific)
ECU reports no other fault codes logged

End of report.
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When the EGR valve fails, the "non walk home" fuse fails. One of the things on that fuse is the electric thermostat for the engine, so the engine will overheat if that fuse is blown.
No idea about the coolant leak. Hopefully, not a warped head or bad head gasket due to overheating.
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