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Overhead reading / map lights do not illuminate with buttons

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I recently discovered in my 2015 that if you press any of the four buttons in the ceiling-mounted light pods to turn on the "reading lights", that none of them light up, and the blue-ish green ambient light that shines down on the center stack goes out (I presume that ambient light always goes out when you turn on a map light, but I'm not sure).

It doesn't matter which map/reading light button you press, or if you press all of them - if any one of them is "on" then the dim ambient light stays off, and none of the 4 (2 up front on either side of the door-actuated dome light, and 2 in the rear for back seat passengers) light up. Strange thing is, I know the lights work (at least in the back) because when you turn off the car and open the door, the rear 2 lights come on, as well as the middle light in the front light fixture (but not the 2 on the sides).

I checked for blown fuses, and didn't see any, but I also couldn't determine exactly which fuse operates that circuit - my guess is it's shared with something else and the abbreviations in the fuse panels are fairly cryptic.

If anyone has a detailed listing of the fuses, perhaps you can tell me exactly which fuse controls the "reading lights" (as opposed to the dome lights that come on when you open the door), so I can double check it, and perhaps swap it out for a known working fuse from another circuit.

Possibly related other observations - the DRL on the passenger side (the white-ish blue corner lamp next to the headlight) doesn't come on when the car is on and not in Park (i.e. normal driving) but the driver's side does. I know that bulb isn't burned out, so I can't determine why it isn't on either. Also, the reverse / backup light below the license plate comes on but it's quite dim, as if it's not getting correct voltage. All the other lights throughout the car seem to be fine, however, and no engine codes or driveability problems. Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
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looking in the '13 manual (I would assume fuse placement should be the same or similar) The dome lights/map lights are fuse 7 (F7) in the passenger side fuse block which is on the side of the dash when you open the door. It looks on the diagram to be adjacent to a diode. In the manual on page 10-37. It appears that it also provides power to the backup lamp.
Dude, you won't believe this, but the fuse was in the wrong socket. The F7 was empty, and F6 had that fuse in it. I pulled it and put it into the correct spot, and bam, reading lamps work fine, and the backup light looks normal again. I'll have to wait until daylight to check the DRL on the passenger side, but fingers crossed that's fixed too.

I had my car in for service a couple weeks ago - they replaced a rear taillight assembly that had fogged up (ironically, after they ran it through their car wash a few weeks before that after a tire rotation). So, yeah, that's a relief. Thanks for the confirmation that I was looking at the right fuse, and I just needed to make sure it was in the correct spot. LOL
In that particular fuse block, fuses F1, F4-F12 should be populated. F2, F3 and F12-18 should be empty. A quick google search should be able to pull up the owners manual in PDF format if you don't have the physical booklet that came with your car. F5 seems to be what controls the Right DRL.

Glad you at least solved the interior lamp issue however, but make sure F6 is populated since that appears to be used for stop lamp and turn signals.
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